Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July

It was a busy weekend, the 4th of July. Some friends came over to swim on Friday evening, and to play with our pup. On Saturday morning, the wheat harvesters arrived from Kansas and began to give the fields a buzz-cut. I have never seen such machinery! They are a little more efficient than I was with my machete!

That evening we visited some friends and tried to be creative with the little fireworks. My husband tried to write "John 3:16" with sparklers:
He succeeded in writing "Love" with the camera, and the full moon as his pen! (It's totally a challenge, you have to write backwards & upside down. I couldn't do it!)


Barbro said...

Awsome :D

Henry and Lorna said...

cool pics -- both the harvester and fireworks!!! FUN!

PinkBalloons&Macaroons said...

cool pics! Hope you have a fabulous week!! hugs!! Britt :-)